About the group

Founded by Ceri Morgan in June 2017, the Dawdlers are a walking-reading, walking-writing group at Keele University. We combine walking (defined as a range of processes, some of which are bipedal) with creative practices, discussion, sociability and playfulness.

We combine geopoetics (site-responsive creative practices) with other mobilities and spatial approaches: walking interviews, psychogeography, geocriticism, ecocriticism… Each of us has our own adaptation/s of methods Morgan first acquired in 2007 as a member of the geopoetics research group, La Traversée, in Montreal. Like La Traversée, the Dawdlers carry out geopoetics as a collective.

Anyone is welcome to join a Dawdlers activity. Currently, the core group comprises: Dean Brindley, Jen Campion, Amy Coquaz, Sylvia Crawley, Gabriella Gay, Martin Goodhead, Sahil Gufar, Aimee Merrydew, Ceri Morgan, Sophie Powell, Stephen Seabridge, Daniel Skentelbery and Nicola Winstanley.